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This example demonstrates extracting data from a Postgres database and inserting data to TimescaleDB.

The demo starts up said PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, Tremor and pgweb.


In 00_ramps.yaml we pass in a configuration for an onramp of type postgres along with typical connection string requirements.

Additionally, we are required to specify interval_ms which stands for frequency of polling that Tremor is performing on Postgres database with the given query. Query will be passed two parameters: * $1 is the TIMESTAMPTZ that indicates the start time and date for the range * $2 is the TIMESTAMPTZ that indicates the ending time and date for the range

The initial range is formed by taking consume_from configuration setting and the current time and date. This will effectivelly backfill data. From then on, Tremor will poll in regular interval_ms.

In addition to a postgres onramp, we also utilize a crononome onramp. The intention is to demonstrate intermediate record format which is accepted by postgres offramp.

Business Logic

In 01_pipeline.yaml we register two pipelines: postgres-things for data coming from a PostgreSQL database and crononome-things coming from crononome at regular interval of 5s.

Command line testing during logic development

$ docker-compose up
  ... lots of logs ...

Open the pgweb to browse through received rows in TimescaleDB.