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The math module contains functions for common mathematical operations. ## Functions


Returns the smallest integer value less than or equal to n.

math::floor(42.9) == 42

Returns an integer


Returns the largest integer value greater than or equal to n.

math::ceil(41.1) == 42

Returns an integer


Returns the integer nearest to.

math::round(41.4) == 41
math::round(41.5) == 42

Returns an integer


Returns the integer part of n.

math::trunc(41.4) == 41
math::trunc(41.5) == 41

Returns an integer

max(n1, n2)

Returns the maximum of two numbers.

math::max(41, 42) == 42

Returns a number (integer or float)

min(n1, n2)

Returns the minimum of two numbers.

math::min(41, 42) == 41

Returns a number (integer or float)