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Postprocessors operate on the raw data stream and transform it. They are run after data reaches the codec and do not know or care about tremors internal representation.

Online codecs, postprocessors can be chained to perform multiple operations in succession.

Supported Postprocessors


Delimits the output ( events ) into lines ( by '\n' ).


Encodes raw data into base64 encoded bytes.


Prefixes the data with a network byte order (big endian) lenght of the data in bytes.


Compresses event data.

Unlike decompression processors, the compression algorithm must be selected. The following compression post-processors are supported. Each format can be configured as a postprocessor.

Supported formats:

  • gzip - GZip compression
  • zlib - ZLib compression
  • xz - Xz2 level 9 compression
  • snappy - Snappy compression
  • lz4 - Lz level 4 compression