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Glossary of Terms

A set of terms in common or standardised usage by the tremor project and/or team

Term Definition
Artefact A unit of configuration management in tremor. As and from tremor v0.4
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph - A graph with no cycles and unidirectional edges
Pipeline An artefact that describes a graph ( DAG ) of tremor operators
Operator A vertex ( node ) in a tremor pipeline graph. Operators perform work in a tremor pipeline graph
Source, Onramp An artefact that describes a connector of primarily inbound data available for pipelines to ingest
Sink, Offramp An artefact that describes a connector of primarily outbound data produced by pipelines available for egress
Peer, Linked Transport An artefact that describes a connector with both inbound and outbound data that can be routed through a pipeline conversationally
Link A link is an edge or connection between operators in a pipeline or between pipelines and onramps/offramps
Binding A specification of ( set of links ), describing one-or-many interconnections to/from pipelines
Mapping A configuration of, ( set of bindings ), and set of key/value replacements that describes how to deploy pipelines and how to interconnect binding specifications and map to running instances of tremor artefacts
Repository An in memory cache that tremor uses to store artefacts. Like a git repository for artefacts
Registry An in memory cache taht tremor uses to store running onramps, offramps and pipelines. Like the DNS registry for running code that can send, receive or process events
Publish The act of publishing an artefact or deploying a running instance
Find The act of finding an artefact or running instance by id
Bind The act of deploying artefacts and making them runnable
Publish-Find-Bind An Enterprise Integration Pattern common in Registry/Repository services for Application Server Platforms
Deploy The act of publishing a tremor mapping, the side-effect of which MAY be the deployment of onramps, offramps and/or pipelines
Undeploy The act of unpublishing a tremor mapping, the side-effect of which MAY be the undeployment of onramps, offramps and/or pipelines
WAL, Write-ahead Log An in-memory or persistent data log used by the guaranteed delivery mechanism
CB, Circuit-breaker A mechanism that can react to failure in sources and sinks in a robust and recoverable way
GD, Guaranteed delivery A mechanism that guarantees that events that reach a pipeline are processed to completion. Depending on the source/sink this may extend end-to-end
End to end GD A configuration of GD whereby the primary sources and sinks for a use case are guaranteed not to lose messages during normal processing conditions